Adding Tiles to Mojotron 2


Tiles in Mojotron 2 are 32 pixels by 32 pixels, and they're stored in 256-colour (indexed colour) PCX files. You can use any palette you like for the 256 colours, even the ones your paint program picks when you convert from RGB will be fine.

You can draw tiles without entering them into the game then send them to me, and I'll put them in the next release, but it's probably easier to configure Mojotron to read them, so you can see how they look in the game right away. The rest of this text file describes how to do that.

The tile images are located in folders inside 'graphics'. Each subdirectory has a different style of tile artwork inside it, with groups of tiles packed together into images. No separating colours are used, Mojotron just grabs squares at 32 pixel intervals.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to see where the tile boundaries are, so recent versions of the GIMP paint program have a very useful perl-fu called 'guide grid', which superimposes a grid over your work. You can set this to a grid size of 32. Photoshop probably has something similar somewhere.

Adding tiles to existing images:

Let's say you want to provide more variations on tiles that are already in the game. You can do this by duplicating all the tiles in the image horizontally or vertically, and then working on the copies.

To add them to Mojotron, open up the text file 'tiles.res'. This tells Mojotron where to find it's tiles. Look for the entry that mentions the file you've added to. It'll look something like this:

ground = "graphics/rockface/ground.pcx" (type=surface, x=0, y=0, width=32, height=32, array=5x4)

'array' says how many tiles there are in the image. You'll need to change this to suit. After this change, the new tiles will appear in the level editor as new variants inside the appropriate type.

Adding whole new sets of tiles:

There's a subdirectory in graphics called 'symbol' that contains a template for adding new sets of tiles. You can make a copy of the whole folder under graphics, then draw over all these tiles, or delete the files you're not going to use.

(note: the symbol graphics have transitional tiles where the borders are along the middle of the tile. That's doing things the hard way, I don't reccomend it.)

To add them to Mojotron, copy the section 'tileset00' (including everything between it's curly braces). Rename it with a number that's not taken, then go through the lines changing the pathnames to your new files. Delete the lines that refer to files you don't use.

Once you're finished, the tiles will appear in the editor as a new tileset.

I want to put new Types in the editor:

If you need to enter graphics that don't fit any of the categories, you can put them in miscimpassible or miscpassible (depending on whether the player is allowed to walk over them or not). In the editor they'll appear as new variants of the bottom types.

If there's too many to be convinient in those places, you can add entirely new Types from additional files. Please e-mail me if you want more information.

Craig Timpany

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